What To Do With Fejka Artificial Wall Plants from IKEA Singapore?

HMS Fejka Artificial Plant from IKEA

When Mr Salty asked his friends to send housewarming gifts, he never expected to receive a package from IKEA at his doorstep. When he opened the package, he found this:

IKEA Fejka wall mounted artificial plant (1)

Turns out, he had received Fejka wall mounted artificial plant from IKEA!

At $4.90 per tile and measuring 26cm by 26cm, the Fejka fake plant is a modular decoration item that can be used in multiple quantities to create various home deocration.

That package of 10 tiles was not a “light” gift! However, unlike a gift like an electric kettle or a tissue box, making full use of this artificial plant required some purposeful planning.

So… what can you do with such an artificial plant?


Brainstorming for Decoration Ideas with Fejka Artificial Plant

If you recall from a previous post, Mr Salty installed a digital lock at his main door (metal gate not included). After installation, he was reminded to constantly wipe his keypad to prevent people from being able to guess his PIN from the fingerprints left on the keypad. Mr Salty immediately thought of using these artificial plants to shield his digital lock.

While that may not be a 100% foolproof method to foil break-in attempts, it would achieve 2 goals – avoid letting passerby know that there was a digital door lock waiting to be hacked, and also to make it harder for thieves to find the fingerprints.

However, it was another event that made Mr Salty set out to put up the Fejka artificial plants in the next hour.

IKEA Fejka wall mounted artificial plant (2)

That day, Mr Salty was waiting for his Food Panda delivery, when he heard someone knock on his door. Before he reached his door, he heard beeping from his digital door lock – someone was fingering his lock! That made Mr Salty wonder if that was really the Food Panda guy at his door.

When Mr Salty peered through the peep hole, he saw that it was indeed the food delivery guy (armed with his food). This delivery man had brought his son along with him and the boy was pressing the buttons on the digital door lock! 

He either had itchy fingers, or he really thought that the lock was a door bell.

Either way, the 10-year old was definitely enjoying himself fingering Mr Salty’s digital door lock!

Mr Salty immediately threw his door open. If he had waited a while longer, the alarm from the digital door lock would be set off from the multiple failed attempts to unlock the door!

That made Mr Salty decide that he should cover up his digital door lock and keep it away from public sight. That would reduce the number of times the alarm gets set off due to itchy fingers.

IKEA Fejka wall mounted artificial plant on the door

Using Fejka Artificial Plant as Door Decoration

Luckily for Mr Salty, the grilles on his gate were horizontal, which made it easier to secure the artificial plant tiles. He popped by the nearest SKP, bought some cable ties, and started putting up the improv decorations.

Since his goal was to cover the digital door lock, he only needed to cover the gate partially. He didn’t have enough tiles for the whole gate anyways. At the end of the day, the plants were positioned nicely at eye level, which more than covered the digital door lock. 

IKEA Fejka wall mounted artificial plant wall decoration

Feature Wall with Fejka Artificial Plant

Ironically, that little project only used up 4 tiles and Mr Salty had 6 left. It also left him thrilled that he managed to come up with such a beautiful idea for a seemingly mundane object. 

Yup, he never expected that a boy fingering his lock would get him so excited!

He decided to use what Fejka Artificial Plant was designed for and used up the remaining 6 tiles to make a wall decoration that is a duplicated silhouette of his TV. 

He went to NTUC to buy some small, transparent 3M hooks (the ones meant for hanging wires). Since the “leaves” were actually mounted on a plastic grid tile, all we needed to do was to hook the fake plants onto the wall. Each artificial plant tile used up 3 hooks and he used 18 in total.

When he sent a picture of his masterpiece to his kakis, he was torn apart by their trolling.

Undaunted, he ordered another 30 of the wall mounted fake plants and proceeded to create a feature wall behind his TV. 

Undeniably, this outcome was more well received and created a unique wall in his home. His kakis were so impressed that he created a green wall like the ones found in Changi Airport Jewel!

IKEA Fejka wall mounted artificial plant Feature Wall

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